Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Launch of the SINGLES INQUIRY in the Triangle!

You are cordially invited to the Launch of the SINGLES some of you know and might be familiar with the INQUIRY (Men's & Women's) we are excited to offer the opportunity for single adults to participate in this exciting new group. For those of you that are not familiar with this concept...the INQUIRY is a safe space in which single men and women are invited to share their ideas, experiences and opinions on topics that are most relevant to the single life. It will also be a wonderful way for single people in the community to meet and get to know each other by having the chance to discuss subjects that are relevant to their lives. Martin Brossman will be leading "The Inquiry" and the questions will be "How have you found joy or relief during the holiday season?"

RSVP seating
Please bring your favorite beverage or snack..

The Singles Inquiry will be meeting on MONDAY DECEMBER 3, 2007
FROM 7:30 - 9:30pm at the home of:
Rosemary Martin (Rosemary's home is called Villa Rosa)
10 Spinnaker Court, Durham, NC 27703 596-2777

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rosemary Martin is back and creating a Singles Inquiry!

Rosemary Martin is back and creating a Singles Inquiry in the Triangle!!

More to come soon!

Rosemary Martin's business web site is:

and check out her wonderful photography:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What this week brought you JOY???

this was our question today Sunday 6/10/07..
the Singles Inquiry is flourishing here in Las Vegas...We had 16 guests this week and have literally outgrown our space for meeting! It seems that the format of the Inquiry is just what we needed here as a group of singles...we are getting positive feedback from all attendees..
the discussion was very lively and focused on the positive events we experienced this past week.
As a group, we have agreed to meet on the second and fourth Sundays from 11:30 - 1pm. Due to my work commitments over the next month to - 6 weeks, I have asked a man and a woman from the group to co facillitate in my absence. As a group we have asked our participants to expand awareness of the existence of the Singles Inquiry into their communities so that we continue to attract like minded energetic, open hearted singles.. we have a larger meeting room at the Center for Positive Living available to us because we expect a flourish of growth.. The group agrees that the Inquiry is here to stay and is bringing value to each of our lives as we open and share our experiences as single people..

First Singles INQUIRY...we had a wonderful response..

"First Singles INQUIRY...we had a wonderful response..
20 people signed up to attend first inquiry to be held next Sunday at 11:30 - 1pm after our services.. each of the 20 people have been requested to invite one member of the opposite sex for first gathering... this is very exciting...thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this!!" Rosey

Rosey starts the Singles Inquiry!


The Inquiry is an exciting new program being offered to singles at the Center for Positive Living.

The format of this new unusual concept will be a circle discussion Of topics of interest for single people in the community.

Each week, we will have a question posed to the group to discover how Men and Women interact and feel about the experience of single life, their thoughts and ideas on subjects that pertain to creating successful relationships
and forming new more meaningful friendships by having the opportunity to speak their truths, to hear and be heard.

During this gathering, we will have the opportunity to examine questions posed from a facilitator in an non threatening environment….genuinely exploring and answering these questions from our own experiences. We may discover skills, wisdom, and knowledge in ourselves and each other that we might not have found on our own. New questions are offered for discussion each month. At the end we review what we have learned and what we are willing to commit to changing in our lives from these insights.

The Inquiry will be held at the Center on Sundays at 11:30 am – 1PM immediately following Sunday Service beginning Sunday May 27, 2007. WE INVITE YOU TO BRING A MEMBER OF THE OPPOSITE SEX WITH YOU.